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Brown Patch

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  • Affects mostly tall fescue; seldom blue rye
  • Most common during July thru September (higher humidity and warmer weather)
  • Main cause — Keeping the leaf surface continuously wet (daily watering)
  • Symptoms — Roughly round areas ranging in size from several inches to 3 feet in diameter — at times, the outer edge may develop a one to two inch “smoke ring” caused by cobweb threads of fungus that grow among the base of the leaf blades.
  • Cultural Practices — to minimize chances of disease:
    • Avoid applying high rates of Nitrogen, particularly in late spring and summer
    • Water during early AM hours to allow grass leaves all day to dry off
    • Avoid frequent irrigation that keeps the leaf blades wet and that results in water logged/compacted soils
    • Mow at the upper end of recommended mowing heights (but not above recommended mowing heights)
  • Spray on a fungicide labeled for Brown Patch if symptoms appear … repeat every 10 days until symptoms are gone...ALWAYS READ & FOLLOW LABELED DIRECTIONS!