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West Coast Turf – The Premier Supplier of Arizona Sod

Sod_colorWest Coast Turf, along with sister company Western Sod, provides more than 30 different varieties of turfgrass, sod and stolons. With sod farms in Arizona and California, our goal is to provide the best sod and service in the industry.

West Coast Turf has. been proud to supply sod to high profile customers such as Chase Field, Scottsdale Stadium, Sun Devil Stadium, Fiesta Bowl, Arizona State University, and many more. After providing sod for 8 Super Bowls, West Coast Turf is the only sod company who has earned the right to claim the title “Home of Super Bowl Sod.”

Special Considerations for Arizona Sod

The Arizona climate provides challenging conditions for maintaining sod. As a premier provider of Arizona Sod, West Coast Turf has a dedicated blog to help homeowners and professionals keep their sod healthy and green throughout the year. Mr. Wisegrass, authored by Jay Danek, provides information and tips for maintenance, seasonal transitions, weed control, nutrition and more. Visit Mr. Wisegrass to submit your Arizona Sod questions.

Types of Sod

West Coast Turf offers a variety of appropriate sod options for Arizona lawns. Our full range of warm season and cool season grasses include: 

Grasses_2Warm Season Grasses:


  • Bandera Bermuda
  • Tifgreen 328
  • Bull’s-Eye Bermuda
  • Santa Ana
  • Tifway 419
  • Tifway II
  • Tift 94 Bermudagrass

Seashore Paspalum

  • Platinum TE Paspalum

Cool Season Grasses:


  • West Coaster Tall Fescue
  • Fine Fescue


  • Barvette HGT

Native Grasses

  • West Coast Native Bentgrass – Agrostis pallens

Greens Quality Grasses

  • Pennlinks
  • Cominant Bentgrass
  • ‘Old line’ Tifdwarf
  • TifEagle

Specialty Grasses

  • Kurapia Drought Tolerant Ground Cover
  • DeAnza Zoysia
  • Improved Kikuyu
  • Palmetto St. Augustine

Arizona Sod Tips & Tricks from Mr. Wisegrass

How to Install Arizona Sod
Establishing a lawn during the summer is a simple process with the right prep work and follow up. Following Mr. Wisegrass soil prep tips, along with his watering and installation tips, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful green lawn in no time.

Tips to Transition Your Arizona Lawn for Summer
The heat and humidity of summer provides the perfect opportunity to get your lawn into great shape. Getting your lawn free and clear of ryegrass in the next couple of weeks will help aide your lawn in transition. Here are some tips for how to transition your lawn by Mr. Wisegrass, including verticutting, chemicals and watering tips.

Arizona Sod FAQs
What should my winter watering schedule be? How do I get rid of yellow spots from the dog? What kind of mower should I use? Mr. Wisegrass answers the most common questions about lawn care in this helpful blog post.

Fall Transitioning Your Lawn
If you’re new to cool season grasses, this article has some great insights in how to manage the transition to the new season. Let your lawn go dormant or overseed for a beautiful green winter lawn in the desert.

Spongy Lawn Issues
If your lawn has become spongy to walk on and it’s hard to mow without scalping, you more likely have a thatch problem on your hands. Vericutting can assist in eliminating some of the thatch and not pull up roots from the soil.