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Soil Burst 4-4-2 Bag


Soil Burst 4-4-2: PREMIUM PLANT FOOD PRE-PLANT STARTER -- Free delivery sod purchase!

Where To Use

  • Turfgrass pre-plant. Apply on soil prior to installing turf, great for fall/spring transition, flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs year round.

Available Sizes

  • 15 lb. bag (treats 700-1000 sq. ft.)
*Note: Available for pickup at our sod pickup locations or with delivery of your sod order only.

Features & Benefits

  • Organic pre-plant starter fertilizer with essential nutrients
  • Use for fall/spring turfgrass transition
  • Granular
  • Natural slow release nitrogen fertilizer source
  • Promotes strong roots and conserves water
  • Revitalizes soil structure and plant immune system