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Sod Installation & Care

West Coast Turf grows several varieties of turf so you can choose the correct one to meet your needs.  Our sod is custom-harvested to order and delivered fresh to your home.  In preparation for your new turfgrass, you will need to do a little homework to ensure proper installation and a healthy lawn. Click on any of the links below for more detailed info.

* Measuring: Easy mathematics can help you measure your turf area.  As a rule it is wise to add an additional 5% for easy to measure areas, and 10% for more difficult areas. A West Coast Turf Representative would be happy to help you figure out how much turfgrass you need.

* Watering guidelines: Turfgrass doesn't waste water-people waste water.  It is extremely important to water wisely. You can be "green" and have your grass too!

* Sod maintenance: For the first few weeks, your sod will require extra maintenance. After its "broken in," you can gradually shift to a more relaxed maintenance schedule.  Follow our instructions and you'll have a healthy, thick lawn that will add natural beauty to your home and will be a pleasure for years to come!

* Paspalum maintenance: Paspalum needs to be treated differently than a bermuda. It has different fertilizer and watering requirements. Follow these instructions to have a beautiful paspalum lawn.

* Seasonal care: If you received your warm season grass during the months of October thru April, chances are that you got overseeded sod. Transitioning in the spring will be required.  If you desire winter color November thru April on your warm season grass, you will need to overseed with a perennial ryegrass.  You may also choose to forego overseeding and an eco-friendly turf paint such as our "Endurant."

* Weeds/disease: Sometimes you will experience a weed or disease problem in your lawn.  Find out how to control or eliminate those problems.

* FAQs: Other questions that come up for many customers...we've got your answers!

Following these tips will make your neighbors "green with envy" over your beautiful lawn!  Should you have any other questions, please check out our "Mr. Wise Grass" blog and ask Jay your turfgrass questions.