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Field Removal and TopMaker Field Recycling Services

The Revolutionary Concept in Golf and Sports Turf Renovation

  • The Field TopMaker is the machine to bring natural turf surfaces into perfect condition.Petco Bandera Field Recyclying & Resurfacing Sportsfield
  • Can be used in a number of ways to level, clean, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as the harvesting of sprigs.
  • Is ideal to remove minor "bumps" on soccer fields, golf courses, polo fields, municipal grass areas, and sod farms.
  • Consists of a series of blades which can be adjusted from 5 cm above the surface to 5 cm below the surface. The cut material can be deflected back onto the surface, or transferred by built-in conveyors directly into trailers for removal off site.
  • A typical soccer field can be removed and cleaned in one or two days.
  • By adjusting the machine accurately it can remove weeds, thatch layers, or a complete surface.
  • One advantage is water draining ability.  Soil life and stability will not be disturbed.  Another advantage is to install rolls of turf or to plant plugs immediately after stripping the surface.
  • Field and golf surfaces can also be brought back to a perfect condition and be back into play immediately if needed or fully rooted after 6 weeks time with a completely new playing surface. 
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Petco Bandera Field Recyclying & ResurfacingPetco Bandera Field Recyclying & Resurfacing Sportsfield