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Long lasting color for rock, concrete and galvanized steel

Natina's (a West Coast Turf affiliate company) story started in 2004 at a prestigious golf club in Palm Desert, California. Brian Hardin, a Natina co-founder, began his career in golf course construction and maintenance. This was an easy choice for Brian because his family had been in the golf course business for three generations.

As the liaison between the golf course designer and general contractor in Palm Desert, Brian needed to excavate a half million cubic yards of rock. One idea was to remove the bright, gray excavated rock and replace it with decorative boulders. After much deliberation, this was too costly. Another idea was to reuse the excavated rock and make it a natural, brown color. When looking into this further, Brian found a potential option, but it was also very expensive. After reviewing more alternatives, Brian and Ed Foster, a specialist in plant nutrition, began to develop their own product to naturally color the existing rock at the golf course. After 2 years of research and science, together they introduced Natina to the market — first for rock, then concrete and followed by steel.

The natural, earthy brown color comes from the natural chemical reaction between our product and nature's element of heat. The name, Natina was created from the combination of words "natural patina". Natina is applied by our team either onsite for rock, concrete or steel, or galvanized steel is shipped to our facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. Pricing is varied based on project scope, however, we are typically cheaper than the alternatives like integral concrete, decorative boulders or powder coating or painting.

Natina is a rapidly growing construction company that is passionate about blending small to large scale commercial projects into their surrounding environment. We enhance the world you see by naturally changing rock, concrete and steel materials into a rustic, brown color. 

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