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Climate Zones for Various Grass Varieties

The following maps are a general description of where varieties tend to thrive, however many microclimates exist that can support varieties outside these areas, and some areas within will conversely be unsuitable.  Contact our knowledgeable customer service group at 888-893-8873 or e-mail Mr. Wise Grass for advice specific to the area for your project.


Grass types are classified as Warm Season grass or Cool Season grass. This is determined by the season of the grass type's active growth period.

This critical information applies to lawn, sports turf and landscapes. It does you no good to buy and plant a warm season grass only to find that the hard freeze that is normal for your winter will kill out the grass. Same goes for cool season grasses when the summer temperatures shrivel your grass to nothing. Finding the right grass or is an important step in planting a great lawn, landscape or sport field.