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New No-Net

Eco Friendly Turf Now Available Without Plastic Netting in Nor Cal

Livingston, CA... West Coast Turf is excited to announce the availability of a revolutionary new product-"West Coaster No-Net." West Coaster No-Net is a tall fescue/bluegrass mix, and is the only tall fescue sod product grown in California that does not use plastic netting during the growing and harvesting process.

"Fescue is usually grown with netting allowing for stronger sod strength," said West Coast Turf spokesperson, Greg Dunn. "The netting remains part of the sod after it's harvested. You can't see it at first glace, but when the turf gets worn, overused, or not taken care of the net can be exposed. It becomes a potentially dangerous situation. Bare netting can increase the risk of injury--cleats could get caught up in it on a sports field, or even a high heel could get stuck in a park or landscape application."

The netting raises the chance of maintenance problems. "Netting may possibly get tangled up in equipment, and could be costly," Dunn explained. "All of a sudden this netting isn't just bothersome and unattractive, it could prospectively become a liability and safety issue, as well as an expensive circumstance."

The solution? Growing the sod without net. "West Coast Turf has perfected a planting and growing technique using the right ratios of fescue and bluegrass at precise timing, so we don't need to put down any net with this product. I have customers that tried it once and won't ever go back to using fescue with net. Architects are happy to be able to spec "No-Net" in their plans. Not only do they get the peace of mind that it is a safer product, but it is also 'greener.' You get 100% pure oxygen producing-carbon absorbing turfgrass, without the plastic net polluting the earth. It's a complete 'win-win' situation," Dunn said. "No-Net is one of the most exciting new products to hit the industry in awhile. It has already created quite the stir up here in Northern California."

West Coaster "No-Net" is now available at West Coast Turf's Livingston location. For more information call 209/394-4904.