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West Coaster



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West Coast Turf’s exclusive West Coaster sod makes for the ultimate lawn!  West Coaster has a beautiful dark green color, with lasting wear, drought, and heat tolerance, and excellent disease resistance.  It can also tolerate partial shade, and is ideal for home lawns, landscapes, and parks.  It performs well in coastal California, as well as cool inland valley and high desert environments.  West Coaster Seed is available for easy repairs.

westcoasterGOING, GOING, GREEN!!!

Now West Coaster is available without plastic netting!

Fescue sod is usually grown on top of plastic, petroleum based "netting," allowing for stronger sod strength. The netting remains part of the sod after it is harvested. You cannot see it at first glance, but after time, if the turf gets worn, overused, or not taken care of, the net can be exposed. Bare netting can increases the risk of injury due to cleats being caught in a sports field situation, or even a high heel getting stuck in a park or landscape application. It also creates a maintenance issued as it can get tangled in equipment.

When netting shows it becomes more than just an esthetics and safety issue-it is a liability issue. But, not with our new West Coaster "No-Net!"

"No-Net" is the solution to this problem! You will rest assured knowing there is no additional netting polluting the planet. And, with "No-Net" you get only the oxygen producing, carbon absorbing, pure turfgrass sod-without the any plastic polluting the earth.fescue_netting

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