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Ready Play Grass


When you need to use it--NOW.


Sod Grown on Plastic

West Coast Turf's Ready Play Grass® is sod grown on plastic, and when installed, can be used instantly. 

Growing a field on plastic allows the sod to reach 2" in thickness as the intertwining roots develop a tight mat of rhizomes to firm up the surface, giving it a sturdy base of strength. In other words, the plastic traps the roots and forces them to grow up and around, creating a stronger product that is less prone to tearing and is a more consistent playing surface than thick cut sod (and preserves our fields!). 


This specially grown sod weighs about 18 lbs. per square foot, is 42" wide, and does not need to be fully rooted down before play.  Because we are not cutting roots, as would typically happen during sod harvesting, there is no shock factor to the grass.  Removing the grass from the plastic without cutting the roots allows the sod to immediately start taking root.  

It is great for athletic fields, driving ranges, and golf course tee boxes--we even put it temporarily right on top of artificial turf fields when natural grass is required for a specific use.